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                  肛肠科是拥有独立病区、病床33张的临床↙科室,是北京市⌒级澳门银河登录网址重点专科。目前临床工作」既保留有澳门银河登录网址传统治疗方法如:痔结扎术、复杂肛瘘挂线术等㊣ ;特色院内制剂如:痔疮洗剂、痔科止血〓散等;还拥有现代诊疗设备如:电子直乙镜、生物∴反馈治疗仪、结肠灌洗治疗机▓等;并广泛开展各种手术※治疗:环状混合痔、直肠脱垂、复杂肛瘘等,尤其中西医结合、内外ω 科结合治疗慢性结肠炎、便秘是我科突出特色,拥有○国家级名老澳门银河登录网址传承团队,努力为广大患者解︾除病痛。

                  The anorectal branch is a special clinical department of Chinese Medicine.Our ward has 33 sickbeds.and is honoured the department of key specialty of Beijing City.

                  We not only keep our special treatment of Chinese traditional medical, but also have many moden methods of diagnose and treatment to cure the anorectal diseases.We are now doing operations like traditional treatment,injection to cure internal piles,anal mucosa proptosis,and also using new methods of operation like PPH and so on. We have set up many consulting places that are aimed at functional constipation,ulcerative colitis and complex anal fistula.We also have many equipment to check patient and treat with them including electronic sigmodoscope.Our special is that we use a combined way of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine to cure the anorectal diseases, like functional constipation,ulcerative colitis and so on.We have the National famous traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance,and we are keep on doing our best for the patients who have anorectal disease.